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GPO and IDN Relationships

Target Audience: Medical Personnel

Responsibilites: Instructional Designer & eLearning Development

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline & Adobe Photoshop
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eLearning Challenge #6 was presented as an email from a colleague with instructions to clean up and rework the slides given in the source material. This challenge was presented as an email from a co-worker who requested a slide deck be converted into an eLearning course. I was required to stay within the company's color palette and create a flat, clean design. I decided to work with simple slides and triggers in order to reduce the clutter on pages and keep a clean look

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I began this process with a slide deck and broke the deck down to identify areas where I could reduce the wording without losing any information. I created a wireframe model in order to decide how I wanted to present the information and to ensure that the information flowed well. I used Adobe XD to prototype my designs leading to creating the prototype in Articulate Storyline. This project went through several iterations where characters were changed and edits were made to ensure consistency throughout the project.

Screenshot (52).png


The final result of this challenge was successful. I managed to reduce the word count and clutter on the slides of the original slide deck while only adding two additional slides. I was able to do this without losing any information from the original slides. I created a course that feels like something that would be used in the actual medical setting and retains the clean look that was tasked to me. If this were a real project I would refer to the percentage of learners who passed the assessment at the end to the course aiming for an 80% success rate while also including a survey to assess the effectiveness of the course materials.

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