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First Move App

Target Audience: People moving into their first home

Responsibilites: Instructional Designer & eLearning Development

Tools Used: Adalo & Adobe Photoshop
First Move.png


     I created this app to help people who are moving out on their own for the first time. This app includes checklists that include the furniture and object needed to furnish a home or apartment. People forget things for their new homes and do not realize it until they need it, this app hopes to mitigate this.

Problem and Solution

     People forget to purchase or get things for their new homes or apartments. Often this is not realized until they need the objects in particular such as needing a flashlight when the power goes out. By having this checklist available in their hands they can make sure they are well prepared for their new life. This app has premade checklists for different rooms in a home and objects that are needed or will be needed in the future. There is also the option to add your own objects to the checklists. 

Screenshot (57).png


    I began by brainstorming issues that are common among the students that I teach. Many of my students will soon be leaving for college and living on their own for the first time. This inspired me to build an app that ensures they are well prepared for life. I began by researching multiple sources on common items that are needed when people first move out. I cross-referenced these to find the most common items and items that I needed but did not have when I first lived on my own. 

     I created a wireframe of the app using Lucidchart to organize my ideas and the app. This information was then used to make the slides within Adalo that would eventually become the pages of the app. These were broken into different rooms such as the kitchen and living room. Each room has its own list of objects and furniture that would be needed in them. The option to add more objects to each list is also available. 

Screenshot (55).png
Screenshot (61).png


     The final product is an easy-to-use and straightforward app. Using this app is more complicated than having an actual checklist on paper. Having the checklist on the phone is less likely to be lost and more accessible to be edited. In the future, I look to add a share function so people can share their lists to a public location or directly to other users to download them.

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