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Astronomika Employee Support

Target Audience: Customer Service Representatives

Responsibilities: Project Manager & Instructional Designer (Microlearning)

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline, PowerPoint, Photoshop, ClickUp

Project Site:
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The Entire Project can be found at


This employee support was created for Astronomika, this company is involved in the sale of and support of solar-powered equipment and solar panels. Astronomika required several customer representatives to reduce their call handling times. These employees had been through initial training and also secondary training to increase their skills. To meet these needs a microlearning consisting of a customer service simulation was created and was followed by in-person role-playing. These courses were continued on each successive Monday for a total of a month of training and employee support. 

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After the request for training my team utilized the ADDIE method for this project. This began by conducting a needs analysis by interviewing the company representative and supervisor. The initial problem was the long call handling times, the needs analysis revealed that this was caused by the representative not utilizing Astronet to locate needed information for their calls. This allowed us to pinpoint increasing Astronet usage for these representatives as our main focus. We began by creating job aids, it was then requested that we add microlearning and also ILT learning to this. It was decided that Articulate Storyline would be used for the microlearning as it could be added to the current LMS as a SCORM package and allow for the tracking of our learners without the need to purchase more equipment. Roleplay was decided on for the ILT section of the learning as it allowed for the most authenticity and direct transfer of the skills to the work environment.

Learners were assessed using Kirkpatricks Model by assessing the satisfaction of the training with an emailed survey. Retention of knowledge was assessed at the end of the microlearning with a drag and drop quiz. Their behavior was evaluated during the role-playing as well as the follow-up microlearning, by measuring progress. Results were measured by comparing call metrics from before, during, and after completion of the training.


The outcomes of this course were highly successful. The customer representatives felt more comfortable with the use of the Astronet and there was an average reduction in call handling time of about 120 seconds. The use of the job aids was the biggest difference maker as the customer representatives had direct access to the steps and keywords that allowed them to successfully navigate Astronet. The customer representatives also felt more comfortable with using Astronet during a call due to the role playing and the continued use of Astronet. 

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